LV25 chip

LV25 chip

Size: 25mm diameter


The set up of each chip is the same. The antenna is placed on the front side and the diodes on the back, which convert the absorbed, biologically relevant rays into heat. The chips only differ in size, shape and range - the way how they work is always the same.


Due to its size, the LV25 chip is particularly used for problem areas on the body. In the event of tension or bruises, therapists and users recommend to place the chip directly at the pain point.


You can fix the chip, with the antenna facing the body, directly on the skin using a kinesio tape (you can leave it on your body while taking a shower. It is no problem, wet it gets wet). According to therapists, the longer the weakness or pain point already exists, the longer the chip should be used (see "Application instructions").


Inflammations are "sucked out" of the body and the cells can do their original job again. Self-healing processes are activated and the body begins to regenerate.


The result is a strengthening of the immune system. Read here more about the principle of operation of the technology of LEITERVISION.


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Use for animals:


The production of LEITERVISION are suitable for all animals.

Strengthening the immune system and faster regeneration after injuries.


You can put the LV25 chip into your pet's collar, for example, and your pet is thus completely protected. In the event of injuries, therapists recommend incorporating the chip into the bandage, for example. For horses with hoof problems, therapists recommend incorporating the LV25 chip into the gaiters.


Electrosmog-neutral stables for significantly healthier animals. Electrosmog-neutral means that this technology absorbs relevant rays and converts them into positive heat energy.


Get in touch with us and we will be happy to refer you to an energetic specialist who will measure your stables exactly according to your individual circumstances and will be happy to advise you.


Here you can read more about it.

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