LV80 chip

LV80 chip

Size: 80mm


The setup of each chip is the same. The antenna is placed on the front side and the diodes on the back, which convert the absorbed, biologically relevant rays into heat.


The LV80 chip converts all biologically relevant rays into heat in a radius of approx. 2.3m and offers optimal protection in this area against all rays that can disrupt the work of the cells (electrosmog, water veins, etc.). This means that you have, among other things, optimal protection to strengthen the immune system.


The LV80 chip can be used extensively - in the kitchen, in all living rooms, at the workplace or simply as an indispensable "must-have" in the handbag or trouser pocket.


True to our motto: “Focus on life. Your protection is our passion. "


Examples of use for the LV80 chip:


Place it in the kitchen next to the coffee machine: For daily chipping of coffee and all drinks and food. Liquids turn clockwise and thus more tolerable for the organism, food is qualitatively upgraded. Chip every fruit and vegetable before you eat, every meat before you put it in the pan, and so on. Test it and you will taste, smell and feel the difference.


Office : Place the LV80 chip next to the computer - the best possible protection against electrosmog. You stay noticeably healthier and more productive.


In the living room: Your living space is optimally protected against biologically relevant frequencies - including water veins - and you always have it at hand when the woman or man is in need - for example:


Acute bee or wasp sting (use the chip IMMEDIATELY - not later) - hold the antenna on the sting for a minute - visibly less swelling, noticeably less to no burning or itching.


Bouquet of flowers: Chip the water with a short tap every time you change the water - the flowers “noticeably” last longer.


Acute, short-term pain points: You bump your head, bump your knee on the corner or another mishap has occurred to you: Hold the LV80's antenna on the pain point for a few minutes and you will see and feel the effects. It works even faster in acute pain.


You travel a lot by car - place a LV80 chip in the car and you no longer have to worry about electrosmog. Do you stay a lot in hotels? Take the LV80 chip from the car up to the room and place it on the bedside table.

Users of this technology report all this and much more.




Use for animals:


Place the LV80 next to your pet's sleeping place - it helps to strengthen the immune system and a general sense of wellbeing. To strengthen the immune system in this area, it is also important that parasites such as fleas or worms do not or hardly attack the pet anymore.


Electrosmog-neutral stables for significantly healthier animals. Electrosmog-neutral means that this technology absorbs relevant rays and converts them into positive heat energy.


Get in touch with us and we will be happy to refer you to an energetic specialist who will measure your stables exactly according to your individual circumstances and will be happy to advise you.

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