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5G Online Kongress Jörg Leiter

2nd online congress on the topic:

5G -  ingenious or fatal?

21.06. - 06/30/2020

Look forward to interesting speakers and comprehensive  insights. I had the pleasure of being available to interview the initiator and organizer, Ms. Ingrid Golser-Wirtenberger.  I will announce the exact time of my interview.  

Free registration at:

And that's what it's about:  

5G, 4G, 3G and all other human-produced radiation fields are  still and more than ever highly topical and affect us all. In the second part of the congress, the question as to whether humans and all life on earth are influenced by all technical radiation is basically no longer posed. In the first part it became more than clear that SOMETHING  is that influences us. Discover connections, backgrounds and, above all, possibilities of what you can DO to continue to live a life in harmony, peace, security and health - this is what the special focus of the second part of the congress is.

More than 30 experts from a wide variety of fields, some of whom were requested by the audience - speakers, activists and even participants in the first part of the congress have agreed to be present as speakers. He became aware   The scope of the topic is again very broad in order to offer you many opportunities to direct your gaze towards 5G and your options for looking after yourself and your loved ones from all sides and levels. The congress should and will give you a lot of courage to deal with the invisible radiation, so that you can find your unique truth and your suitable solutions for your health and your harmony!  Be there and be curious, there is a lot to explore!  

And that is how it works:

Register for the free ONLINE congress "5G - ingenious or fatal?" Part 2. Receive in the period from 21.06. until June 30th, 2020 daily and free of charge, by e-mail, various expert and speaker interviews. Find answers to your questions and solutions to your worries about the future. Connect with people who are all interested in keeping our earth, all living things and ourselves healthy.  

Free registration at:

You don't want to be alone anymore and want to network with like-minded people? Then check out the Facebook group: "Questions about 5G new radio network?" . You might find the right answers there.  

5G Online Kongress_Jörg Leiter
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