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The applications and areas of application of LEITERVISION are diverse. But one thing should be said in advance: there is nothing that does not exist! Test and examine for yourself and make up your own mind.

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  • Measurably longer periods of deep sleep

  • Protection against biologically relevant radiation in all living spaces

  • Nutrition: Through a short, direct contact (tap once is sufficient) with the antenna of the chip, a higher quality of food can be noticed.

  • Consistent "chipping" of food - minimizing food intolerances

  • Liquids become right-handed (more digestible for the organism), ...


  • invest once - lasts a lifetime!!!

  • up to 20% higher crop yield 

  • longer shelf life of cut flowers

  • faster plant growth

  • "Plant Doctor": Good recovery for sick plants

  • significantly healthier plants 

  • positive change in the water 

  • saving fertilizers

  • saving PH agents



Further information and current findings can be found at: and on our

LV-GROW  Instagram account 


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  • Athletes report improvements in performance and use the technology, for example, for injuries, tension, hardening and cramps.

  • Best possible protection against electrosmog in the workplace.

  • Health care in companies is becoming more and more important.

  • Healthier and more productive employees as the heart of every company.

  • Electrosmog-neutral hotels for a regenerative vacation. Electrosmog-neutral means that this technology absorbs harmful rays and converts them into positive heat energy. Thus, smooth cell communication can take place again.





  • Whether dogs, horses, cows, cats,... suitable for all animals

  • Strengthening of the immune system and faster regeneration after injuries

  • Electrosmog-neutral stables for significantly healthier animals. Electrosmog-neutral means that this technology absorbs harmful rays and converts them into positive thermal energy.  



Take the opportunity and test selected products for 4 weeks for FREE in order to be able to make your own experiences.



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