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The Agency.

My name is Jörg Leiter and after 32 years of professional life I have now dared to take the step of self-employment.


We are a dynamic team and we are committed to helping everyone who wants to improve both their health and their quality of life.


Cellular communications, WiFi and electromagnetic fields are increasingly influencing our well-being and can negatively affect people, animals and plants.


With our LV-products we have a system at our fingertips, that converts rays that have negative impacts to our organism or that hinder cell communication into heat.


Read more about it here.


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We have given our technology the name LEITERVISION - our company name. The name stands for quality and safety.
Under the navigation point LEITERVISION. The Technology. you learn more about how it works. 

We also offer all of our customers the opportunity to test selected products for 4 weeks free of charge. So everyone can decide for themselves whether and how our products suit him or her.


So that you can get to know us a little better, we have collected a few short video clips for you.


Further videos can be found under the navigation point " Videos ".

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