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Function & Design: The LV240 chip in a stylish outlook (January 2022)

New in our range: 8  pictures  in the format 50x50 cm ideal for home, office or practice. "Unhealthy" living & working was yesterday - Electrosmog-neutral living & working with LEITERVISION starts here and now. Read more about it here . 

Selbständiger Vertriebspartner gesucht (m/w/d), (September 2021)

Vertriebsgebiet: Österreich, Deutschland. Branche: Bau-, Innenausbau

"Ungesundes" Wohnen war gestern - Elektrosmog-neutrales Wohnen mit LEITERVISION - Wohnen von heute und morgen.  Lesen Sie hier mehr darüber .

Salzburg Open mit LEITERVISION
International tennis elite in Salzburg-Anif - ATP Challenger-Tour (July 2021)

Salzburg Open  04.07.-11.07.2021 in Salzburg-Anif. LEITERVISION is also there -

We look forward to you! Read more about it here.


TC GM Tennis Sports Anif und LEITERVISION
TC-GM Sports Anif counts from now on  on  LEADER VISION (June 2021)

Successful cooperation between Gerald Mandl and Hans-Jörg Leiter is now sealed by cooperation. Read more about it here .

Linderung entzündeter Huf
Franzi, 11 years old, suffered from a hoof infection (May 2021)

By using the LV25 chip, a noticeably faster decrease in the swelling could be noticed. Read the experience report here.


Linderung Zeckenbiss
LEITERVISION. ANIMALS. - Experience reports (May 2021)

Help with the consequences of a tick bite, noticeable decrease in inflammation.
Read here the first reports of our "Pet parents'.


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INSTAGRAM. Follow us. (May 2021)

Short videos, pictures, likes and more - now we're in ;-) If you want to follow us, please click here


Leitervision.heute. Newsletter.
LEITERVISION.TODAY. The newsletter. (February 2021)

From now on we will provide you with news from LEITERVISION at irregular intervals. If you want to be there too, then subscribe to LEITERVISION.HEUTE.


The first videos are ready! (January 2021)

Sound on - video off. You can find our videos under the navigation point " Videos".


There is now a LEITERVISION channel on You Tube. Simply subscribe and you will always be up to date. At the moment, all videos are in German. If you need it in English, please contact us. Thanks!

Leitervision_Neue Ideen im Kopf
New ideas in mind - relaunch website and products

Estimated online date: January 20, 2021


Was ist eigentlich 5G?
What actually is 5G?

Kronen Zeitung, 05/05/2019


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5G und seine Feinde
5G and its enemies.

Salzburger Nachrichten, April 19, 2019

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Warum wir schlafe müssen, Salzburger Nachrichten
Why do we need to sleep?

Salzburger Nachrichten, April 18, 2019


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Die vor den Strahlen flüchten, Salzburger Nachrichten
Who flee from the rays.

Salzburger Nachrichten, April 13th, 2019


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Mobilfunknetz 5G: Strahlendes Experiment.
Cellular network 5G: Radiant experiment

Die Zeit online, issue 04/19, January 17, 2019


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Digitalstress schwächt Arbeistkraft, Salzburger Nachrichten
Digital stress weakens the workforce.

Salzburger Nachrichten, November 20, 2018


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Sick and unable to work due to WiFi

Flachgauer Nachrichten, October 4th, 2018


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