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LEITERVISION relates to a device and a method [1] for the substantial reduction of the influence of electrosmog (harmful electromagnetic radiation) on living beings. The used technology helps to reduce severly the harmful effects of electrosmog from technical instruments.


The harmful components of electrosmog are the so-called potential vortices and longitudinal waves (longitudinal waves as in sound). They penetrate all types of shielding with almost no loss.


The task of the used technology is to achieve an effective reduction in these eddies and waves of electrosmog.




[1] This procedure was invented and developed by a German doctor and an Austrian physicist.

It is based, among other things, on inventions by Nikola TESLA. LEITERVISION uses it in the sense of the patent applied for by the inventors in 2000.

How does this work?


The process comprises several steps: First, the electromagnetic potential vortices and longitudinal waves are transformed into another electromagnetic

Wave type (called lateral waves) implemented and these are in turn converted into heat.


In other words:


The technology uses a process which

  1. absorbs harmful radiation AND

  2. converts it into positive heat energy.



What does this technology have to do with the organism - what does it have to do with humans, animals and plants?


So-called energy fields play an essential role in universe and in our entire biosphere. Think, for example, of gravity, geomagnetism, electromagnetic force fields and atomic energy. The latter is based on the fact that atoms, the smallest parts of matter, consist of an atomic nucleus and an atomic shell. In the atomic nucleus there are positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons - in the atomic shell there are negatively charged electrons.


In science it has long been said that the entire universe consists of energy and mass. In the form of vibrations (radiation), the energy essentially serves as a provider of information. Each particle of matter vibrates in its own, unmistakable frequency. A skin cell vibrates differently than a nerve cell. Like-minded organisms vibrate in the same or harmonizing frequencies.


An interesting example is the earth's magnetic field. It is an important source of energy for humans and for many other living beings. Part of the brain (namely the hippocampus [2] ) vibrates at the same frequency - namely 7.8 Hz - as the earth's magnetic field. Without the signal of the earth's magnetic field, life would not be possible for humans.


A constant and essential exchange of information between the cells takes place in every organism by means of certain frequencies. These are called "biologically relevant frequencies" . It is also said that the cells communicate with each other by means of “flashes of light”. In a healthy body, the exchange of information functions unhindered, which means that every cell or every part of the body can fulfill its tasks.


If harmful influences act on the organism , they can hinder cell communication - so-called "blockages" arise. The cells can then no longer or no longer fully perform their causal functions.


Examples of harmful influences are:


Effects of toxins, viruses, bacteria or harmful radiation (WiFi, 5G cellular technology, high-voltage lines or electrosmog in general), geopathogenic zones, water veins, etc.


Disturbed cell communication can therefore also result in organic changes. These changes show up initially as inexplicable disorders of wellbeing, poor performance and chronic fatigue and later also as symptoms of illness that are directly related to them. According to the teaching of energetics, symptoms often occur where there is already a weakness - often due to hereditary factors.


[2] The hippocampus belongs to the central part of the limbic system.

On the one hand, it is the switching cell between short and long-term memory and, on the other hand, it serves to control our affects. This is where the center of emotional expressions such as anger, fear and joy sits.

Sexual behavior and many vegetative functions are also controlled in the limbic system.

Through connections with other brain regions, the hippocampus and the tonsil nucleus ( amygdala , also part of the limbic system) can evaluate signals emotionally.

This is where LEITERVISION comes into use:


As already explained above, those harmful rays that hinder or disrupt the communication of the cells are absorbed and converted into heat. Thus the cell can resume its causal tasks and vibrate in its own frequency.


In this context, the "law of harmony" is also used. If there are “blockages” in the body - if individual cells or particles do not vibrate at their own frequency - then the rest of the organism vibrates as well as it can. The adjacent, blocked particles are still stimulated and have the opportunity to adjust to the vibrations of the neighboring particles.


When applied to the organism, a harmonization of the body's very own vibrations causes self-healing processes to be activated and the body to begin to regenerate. The result is a strengthening of the immune system.


In a nutshell, the process used by LEITERVISION ensures that all rays that move at frequencies that disturb or damage the organism are absorbed and converted into heat. Thus the cells can work again unhindered. It is pure physics and subsequently pure biology. It is also about the fact that energy is never lost, but only changes its state (law of conservation of energy). We carried out tests with the thermal imaging camera in a laboratory and also documented this via video. If necessary, you are welcome to watch the video on site.


The longer the respective organism is exposed to potentially harmful substances and stresses, the longer it takes again for the cells to be able to carry out their original task.

grafik_energie geht nie verloren_NEUohne 80.png

Visualization of the process of converting biologically relevant rays into heat. Recording takes place via the antenna - conversion takes place at the diodes on the back of the chip.

Energy never gets lost - it only changes its state, its form! Here into heat. 


Structure of LEITERVISION:


Every LEITERVISION chip, regardless of its size and design (regardless of whether as a pure chip such as the LV80 or LV25), every LEITERVISION jewelry or other designs work on the same basis. They only differ in their size and thus in the length of the antenna.


The bigger the chip - the longer the antenna - the higher the efficiency.


On the front is the spiral - that is, the antenna that is set to the frequency that is biologically relevant for all organisms. The absorbed rays are directed through the hole in the middle of the chip to the diodes on the back, where they are converted into heat. The heat development in this physical process should not be imagined in such a way that the room temperature becomes a few degrees warmer - it can be scaled and displayed with a thermal imaging camera.



For example, a LV Chip with a diameter of app. 80 mm chip, the length of the antenna is over 2m. You can imagine that if you hold the chip in your hand and pull the antenna upwards, the entire area that includes the body represents the “protection zone”. The phenomenon is also referred to as a kind of Faraday cage. Everything that is in this area is protected - it is NO SHIELDING, but effective PROTECTION. The harmful frequencies are converted.


An example of this: If LEITERVISION were to shield the cell phone radiation from a cell phone - you couldn't make a phone call - you wouldn't be able to take a call because the phone would NOT ring. From a purely technical point of view, a sender needs a receiver - if the receiver is switched off or blocked, no message, no information, no signal can be transmitted.


Through LEITERVISION the biologically relevant rays are CONVERTED - that means they cannot burden the body. For daily use this means the following: If you carry a LEITERVISION chip - regardless of the version, whether as a chip, as a piece of jewelry or as a card, you are optimally protected against all stresses that may be harmful to the organism throughout the day.

If you would like to know a little more about energy fields, electromagnetic fields and electrosmog, please click on the button below.


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