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LV80 Chip

Communication takes place in every organism, i.e. an exchange of information between the cells. They exchange information via certain frequencies - the so-called biologically relevant frequencies. Healthy cells reside in every healthy body - this means that communication functions and is intact in a healthy body.


As an effect of increasing digitization (e.g. 5G cellular technology, the use of smart homes to control building technology, ...) as well as of increased use of electricity (e-mobility, WLAN, etc.) the cell communication can be disrupted. This, in turn, can have a negative effect on the body's immune system. Civilization diseases such as migraines or sleep disorders can be the result, among other things.


Conversion of rays,

  • which have a negative impact on the organism or

  • that disrupt cell communication
                                        into heath.



  • Undisturbed cell communication - in case of disturbances, the body activates its self-healing powers.

  • Permanent protection against harmful environmental influences.

Text of the picture: Energy never gets lost but changes its shape! Here into heat. In this circle, the chip converts biologically relevant radiation into heat. 


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