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A) Always place the chip with the antenna = front facing towards the body.

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B) Optimal protection around the clock to strengthen the immune system and as protection against biologically relevant radiation
(for example: electrosmog, water veins, etc.).

During the day :

By carrying an LV piece of jewelry, the LV Business Card or the LV80 chip in your handbag or pocket


LV Schmuck

At night :

Place the LV sleeping mat on the slatted frame.


C) Use of LV sleeping mat and diverse application of the LV25 chip at the locations listed below as examples. Satisfied users of this technology report successes in:

Migraine headache:
Place the LV25 chip in the neck

Teething problems babies:
Attach the LV25 chip to the baby's dummy

Anwendung Nacken.png
Punktuelle Anwendung Knie.png

Knee problems:
Attach an LV25 chip to the left and right of the knee

skizze schnuller chip.png

Therapists and users of this technology recommend using the LV25 chip in the appropriate places in the event of problems or pain. The longer the weak point or pain point has existed, the longer the chip should be used. Exemplary representation of the HEADIAN ZONES. Graphics visualize the positions of the individual organs, where the chips can be placed in accordance with the recommendations of users of this technology.

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