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We would like to share with you some experience reports. If you also want to tell us your story or that of your animal,

then write to us at We are already looking forward to your message!

Pet owners report, among other things, successes in:

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The horse Francesco, "Franzi", suffered from an inflamed hoof. The animal owner fixed the LV25 chip to the horse's leg with a physio tape (with the antenna facing the body). After a short time, a noticeable decrease in the swelling was achieved!

Incidentally, the chip can also get wet. As an alternative, the chip can also be attached to a gaiter. It is always important that the antenna is placed TO the pain point.

Sharif suffered from the long-term effects of a tick bite . He was in such pain that he could hardly get up. Combination of 1 week chip and current therapy - Sharif can walk again painlessly. Operation could be avoided!


Note: The chip was attached to the antenna with double-sided tape. Alternatively, the LV25 chip can be attached with a physio tape. If you want to avoid attaching the tape directly to the fur, the chip can alternatively be attached to the bandage or to the protective stocking.


The chip directly on the sleeper ensures that the cells can regenerate during sleep. This contributes, among other things, to a strengthened immune system . As a "side effect" it was noticed that since then he has been tormented by significantly fewer fleas, worms and ticks.

Note : The LV25 chip can either be attached to the collar with a physio tape or put in a collar pouch (available from pet shops).

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