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 International tennis elite are expected in Salzburg-Anif. 
International tennis tournament at the highest Challenger level. 


From July 4th to 11th, 2021, the international tennis elite will meet at Gerald Mandl in Salzburg-Anif. Mandl, former Davis Cup player, successful trainer and coach of Barbara Schett, Anke Huber and Martin Spöttl, has been the successful operator of the GM Sports tennis facility in Anif for over 20 years and hosts the ATP Challenger tournament (125) on.  

Together with Tournament Director Günter Schwarzl, he would like to establish a top-class tennis event that takes place every year. "Due to the tournament date in the second week of Wimbledon, we expect a top-class starting field and some real match highlights of international tennis," says Schwarzl. The clay court players get their money's worth here: Wimbledon - Anif - Hamburg - Kitzbühel. Game set victory.  

The Bundesliga club of the 1st tennis Bundesliga - TC-GM Sports Anif - is now counting on LEITERVISION.

The successful cooperation between Gerald Mandl and Hans-Jörg Leiter is now sealed by a cooperation between TC GM-Sports-Anif and LEITERVISION. Bernd Kößler, the captain of the team, and his team are equipped with regenerative and extremely effective products from the Salzburg company.  

The LEITERVISION company produces and sells a technology in the form of a chip that converts biologically relevant rays into heat. Benefits for the organism: Better regeneration and strengthening of the immune system. Athletes report that they have longer deep sleep phases by using the LEITERVISION sleeping mat and this can lead to improved performance, among other things.  

The Salzburger Nachrichten is already reporting on this: Click here for the report in the SN, Saturday, June 26, 2021. 

GM Sports geht mit LEITERVISION.jpeg
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