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Explanation of terms: energy fields - electromagnetic fields - electrosmog


In this context, we would like to briefly list and present the individual electromagnetic fields without going into too much detail.

We only want to show that all organisms - regardless of whether they are humans, animals or plants - are exposed to a great deal of radiation and frequencies.


This is a phenomenon of the times and we do not want to present it as reprehensible, because we all can and hardly want to imagine a life without smartphones, laptops and tablets. In the meantime, one speaks of smart homes (i.e., digitally operated, technical control of a household, e.g. regulation of the heating, etc. is done remotely via mobile phone apps), the replacement of petrol or diesel-powered vehicles with e-mobiles , the implementation of SmartMeters in every household, etc.


As already mentioned, the entire universe is made up of energy fields. The earth's magnetic field is an important source of energy for humans and for many living things. If cells or cell clusters are disturbed by various permanent interference frequencies (electrosmog - earth steals), this can lead to an impairment of their function.


The electromagnetic field belongs to the range of non-ionizing radiation. A distinction is made between these fields in electromagnetic high-frequency and low-frequency.


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Low frequency fields:


In everyday life, low-frequency electric and magnetic fields occur in the following areas:


  • Power supply (e.g. high-voltage lines)

  • Household appliances and electrical installations in the house

  • Electrified transport systems such as railways

High frequency fields:


The use of modern radio technologies creates high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the human environment. High-frequency electromagnetic fields are used to transmit images, sound and data in the following communication media:


  • Radio and television

  • Cordless telephones

  • Cellular

  • Baby monitor

  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Bluetooth

  • TETRA radio network (for communication between police and fire brigade)


The term electrosmog is an expression for the entirety of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields that are believed to have undesirable biological effects on humans, animals and plants.

Electric fields occur, for example, under overhead lines of electric railways or under high-voltage lines.


Examples of magnetic direct and alternating fields: Currents in the overhead wire and return currents in the tracks of electric railways, high-voltage overhead lines , which inevitably have conductors that are far apart, cause electric and magnetic fields in their vicinity.


Installation and underground cables, on the other hand, only generate low electrical and magnetic fields.


Electrotechnical systems and devices as well as their supply lines cause electrical, magnetic or high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the immediate vicinity: e.g. converters, transformers, electric motors and generators.


Many household appliances generate particularly magnetic alternating fields: heating pads, aquarium pumps, clock radios, compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, electronic underfloor heating, heated water beds, kitchen electrical appliances, ironing machines, sewing machines, hotplates, induction stoves and much more

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