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LV Business Card

LV Business Card

Size : 84x54 mm

Layout: Rounded corners, soft and elastic, waterproof, sealed

Chip: over the entire card for a maximum range

Packing: in linen bags


A strengthened body with LEITERVISION.


All-round protection and precaution ideally suited for the wallet or for the mobile phone case. The LV Business Card lies perfectly and smoothly in the hand and offers ideal


protection throughout the day.

  • Protection against electrosmog
  • Protection against low frequency rays
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Undisturbed cell communication - in the event of disturbances, the body activates its self-healing powers.
  • Permanent protection against harmful environmental wine rivers.


  • increasing corp-yield
  • better growing of plants
  • healthier plants
  • more stable water-quality
  • saving fertilizer
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