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LV sleeping mat

LV sleeping mat

Size: 185x80 cm

Chips: 3x LV80 chip


The LV sleeping mat is one of our premium products. It is provided with three LV80 chips and ensures that your body comes to optimal rest throughout the night. Your body is in a kind of Faraday cage. It is a kind of "protection zone".


Everything that is in this area is protected, but there is NO SHIELDING, but effective protection . The biologically relevant frequencies are converted into heat.


The LV80 chip converts all biologically relevant rays into heat in a radius of approx. 2.3m and offers optimal protection in this area against all rays that can disrupt the work of the cells (electrosmog, water veins, etc.). This means that you have, among other things, optimal protection to strengthen the immune system.


Your greatest advantage is regenerative sleep. Users report measurably longer periods of deep sleep. Cell communication can take place undisturbed during sleep - in the event of disturbances, the body activates its self-healing powers.


Disturbed cell communication can also result in organic changes. These changes show up initially as inexplicable disorders, poor performance and chronic fatigue and later as symptoms of illness that are directly related to them. According to the teaching of energetics, symptoms often occur where there is already a weakness - often due to hereditary factors.

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